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Crawl Inc. Presents

Soft Glue - Charlie Sofo & Mary MacDougall

25th. Sept. - 10th Oct.
Black & Blue Gallery, Sydney
16th. Oct. - 31st Oct.
Rear View, Melbourne

Crawl Inc. is pleased to announce the participation of Charlie Sofo and Mary MacDougall in a curated exhibition of new works.
The exhibition, Soft Glue – Charlie Sofo & Mary MacDougall follows an awareness of form in art and curating. Working with found and intended materials, and gestures based on personal activity, Sofo presents a single body of work including sculpture, action-based recorded-documentation, sound and a surface intervention. Working directly onto glass, MacDougall presents a series of portrait and ‘photo-realist’ paintings that are finally installed as a glass wall. Her painting experiments are also extended into print-making, producing a stack of individually-touched hand-painted posters.

'Soft Glue – Charlie Sofo & Mary MacDougall' ... 'Sounds: FREE CHOICE DUO' ... 'Blue Screen: Sarah Jamieson, Bababa International, Christopher Bennie, Dara Gill' ... Curators: Joel Mu (Soft Glue), Toby Chapman (Sounds, Blue Screen)

Three Extracts:
'Finding the meaning in the slight, the marginal. The search and collection: the discipline of marking marks. Obsessions, patterning, over and over. Of using the personal parts of the body – spit, hair and pockets ... It is art that speaks of working in the gap between all and nothing and finding a place to settle there' (on Charlie Sofo by Glenn Barkley)

'The works offer countless possibilities. As paintings, they mimic photography as to look at through the smooth surface of glass, like the lens of a camera or a computer screen, albeit without a frame, which only heightens a feeling of fleeting light and spaciousness. Using glass gives the artist the opportunity to make tracings or prints in endless reproductions.' (on Mary MacDougall by Elise Routeledge)

'Collage as a re-working or re-viewing or re-thinking of found materials whether they are one’s self, their surroundings or choice of artistic medium' (on Sarah Jamieson, Bababa International, Christopher Bennie, Dara Gill by Toby Chapman)



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